anyone have a pic of them carrying the white/black or white/red spy??

  1. I know I will NEVER own this bag or even see it in person, But i LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag... and I know a few (lucky) ones do have it!! please post pics of you carrying it or just a pic of the bag!! please... I dream about this bag... I know my dreams will never come true so please help me out!! thank you!!:rolleyes:
  2. [​IMG]

    I'm talking about THIS spy... post pics for internet if you have them... I just want to see everything that has something to do with T-H-I-S spy...
    IT'S TO DIE FOR!!!
  3. please....
  4. I don't own a two-tone spy (I do have a black one however). They are all gorgeous! Here's a black/white combo on Nicole...
  5. :smile: thanks!! More more more.... please... post more pics of this FAB bag!!
  6. The two-toned is amazing. I am a huge Spy fan still. I want another one I think :yes:
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