Anyone have a pic of their spy with items in it?

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  1. As many of you know I purchased two beautiful spy bags a few weeks ago and have yet to carry them.

    I have modeled them with different outfits around the house and even seen some of you ladies model yours online.

    What I noticed was that in every pic the bags were either stuffed with paper or were completely empty. I would like to see a pic of how someone looks carrying their spy with their personal belongings inside.

    I'm wondering is it flat? Saggy? Puffy?

    I would put my own items in my spy bags myself but since I'm not sure which one I'm going to keep I'm super careful. I refuse to put anything inside. I don't want any problems in case of a return.

    So.........with that being said. Any pics ladies? :yes:
  2. Here is my Hollogram Spy with wallet, phone, sunglasses, keys, make up bag and a few other small items in it. HTH!:biggrin:
  3. Thanks :smile:

    LVaddict I can always count on you for pics:lol: . That really helps.

    I see that it has a slight bit of sag to it. But its still puffy enough on the sides to keep its shape. looks great

    Thats what I was worried about. I love big bags because I carry everything.

    I didnt want t he spy to lose its pretty shape buy sagging too much once I stuff it full.

    Any other pics ladies??
  4. Here's 2 pictures of my Petrol with checkbook wallet, sunglass case, make-up bag, t-mobile sidekick, and cell phone. :amuse:
    petrolstuff1.jpg petrolstuff2.jpg
  5. Edna that bag looks AMAZING on you. Love the color!!!
  6. Love your spy, Edna! You look great!
  7. Here's a pic of my stuff inside my metallic spy. I have my wallet, cosmetic case, sunglasses, cell phone and some bills. And there is still plenty of room :smile:
  8. Thanks, Twinklette and TammyD! You're making me rethink my decision on selling it! :lol:

    Pelinaka, your metallic Spy is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love the inside lining. Fabulous.
  9. Pelinaka-- Love your Spy! :heart: And, I'm digging your Juicy Sidekick II. I should have purchased one when I had the chance. Now, I'll just wait for the SK III.
  10. Thank you Edna and LuvManolo! It's one of my favorite bags - lol!
  11. edna!! lovely color!
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