Anyone have a pic of Metallic Gold WOC?

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  1. I've seen the navy and black metallic WOC but I really need the gold version of it. Does anyone have any photos of the metallic gold WOC? I've been searching the threads and even the reference library for it but havent found it. If anyone would be kind enough to post a pic, that would be super awesome. Im planning to place an order for it tomorrow because I need a tiny gold purse for an event Im attending but I really need to see it first even in pics.

    Help? Anyone?

    Thanks in advance!!!:flowers:
  2. I don't have a photo but it's beautiful! It's not overwhelming at all, not overly blingy/mirror-y.
  3. I have one. I will try to post photos of it in the AM. For now, here is a camera phone photo my g/f sent me from the boutique so I could purchase it. lol

  4. Just in case it didn't copy and paste.

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  5. Thanks girls!!!:smile: I really appreciate it your help. I think Ive made up my mind and I am DEFINITELY getting it! hehehe....
  6. it's pretty :smile:
  7. I know!:smile: Im just trying to figure out now if it's going to match this pair of Guiseppe Zanotti's Im planning to get as well.

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  8. The gold WOC would look great with those shoes!!! It's really a pretty medium shade of gold, not too pale, not too yellow.
  9. Awesome. Now I cant wait to get out of work and go to Saks!!!:graucho:

    Thanks again everyone!
  10. IRL the metallic gold is a paler shade of gold, not too bright. It's hard to see with the photos though.

    Compared to the GZs you posted a pic of, the metallic gold woc leather is more textured and a bit more shiney. However, I wouldn't worry too much about matching them perfectly (that may look overly matchy matchy IMO).
  11. Thanks for your advice. I hope my SA can show me the woc in real life later on today. She just told me they dont have it in stock now but she can definitely get it for me in a few days. They had it on hold for another client but she cant seem to find it because another SA hid it. I just need an accenting/ somewhat matching but not too matching bag and open shoes to go with this ultra boring and too big on me brownish dress I have to wear to a picnic wedding. The dress sucks so much but that's what the bride wanted me to wear so I decided to get some nice accessories instead to hopefully make me look good in the ugly big dress:shrugs:
  12. Just want to share an update:

    I placed my order for the gold woc (from Delyse of Saks Troy, MI) and got the Guiseppe Zanotti's in-store earlier!!!! I saw a swatch of the gold woc and I think it is perfect to match with the GZ's.

    I'm soooo excited!!!!!

    Thanks to all who have replied on this thread!
  13. Glad you decided to get it. Sounds like it will look great with the shoes & dress.
  14. Post pics when you get them!!!