Anyone have a pic of BJ Togo with GH?

  1. I saw this picture in the Celebs thread but am not sure if it is gold or silver HW?

    I placed an order for a 30cm BJ Birkin with PH, but am now wondering if I would like Gold HW better. I think Gold would be more unique and would stand out more against the pale blue. But then the bag has white stitching, so I don't know if that would contrast too much with gold. (I think the blue Vuitton Suhali Le Fabuleux bag looks good with Gold HW).

    I'm new to this, but once you've placed an order, can you change it if they haven't brought it to Podium yet? :shrugs: I wouldn't want to irritate anyone who has the power to order, or not order, my Birkin!:sweatdrop:
    Posh BJ Togo.jpg
  2. I personally prefer palladium hardware with Blue Jean, because I think the 2 blend in well. But if you deliberately want the hardware to stand out, then it's gold for you.

    I believe you still can change your order with your store. The store managers and assistants will be converging in Paris only next week. This is a very busy week for them though, so not sure if they would be cool about a change in your order. I guess there is no harm asking your SA anyhow.

    Good luck!
  3. When I checked with my SA in Paris, I was told that BJ comes only with PH.
  4. As far as I know, they do make it with gold hardware. It is easier to get a blue jean birkin with palladium hardware, but you can always request/ask your SA about the gold.
  5. Thank you everyone for all of your input. I really love this forum. I've learned so much from you guys and I don't feel as intimidated anymore when it comes to Hermes. I would never have known how to go about obtaining the holy grail of bags without this forum. But because of the knowledge I've gained and the help that you all have given to me, I am starting on my way!

    But back to topic...
    I like the way that Birkin looks in the pic. But I was thinking that if the HW is really gold, it might look a lot more yellow in real life. Gold is a warm color, and Blue Jean is a cool color...
  6. I like it with PH but its truly a matter of opinion. I agree with you saying BJ is a cool color and i think cool colors looking better silver.
  7. I have seen BJ with gold and it is truly sounds odd, but it does look nice. If you are at all hesitant stay with palladium.
  8. my bj birkin has the palladium hardware and it is just perfect least, for me.. hehe
  9. I would love a blue jean with gold hw too! It is very unexpected and chic!
  10. When I placed the order, my SA told me it's more likely that they will place my order in July, as opposed to Feb. So if I decide to change my order to Gold HW I will call her in March, after all the Feb. Podium frenzy is done. This will buy me some time to think about it. I am warming up to the gold though.

    But since I don't already own an Hermes bag, I'm not exactly "in" with them yet. I feel extremely lucky that they even took my order... I've waited a while for this opportunity. I don't want them to think of me as That-Indecisive-Girl-Who-Will-Waste-Our-Time, and have them decide to revoke my opportunity to order a Birkin :cry: .

    I don't live anywhere close to an H store. I can't come in every now and then so they can get to know me better, like most people suggest.
  11. I would love to have BJ on gold hardware too if I can find one.
  12. SF isn't that far from Sac...but then I used to drive 4 hours one way to go to the SF Hermes when I lived in Humboldt. :roflmfao:

    Anyway, I think BJ looks great with either!
  13. SP, if you call this week to change it shouldn't be a problem.
  14. No THAT is true dedication!

    I know I only live about 2 hours away from SF, but I find myself flying to the East Coast, Texas, Southern California, or even other countries more often than I go to SF. The SF store is the closest one to me, but I haven't even set foot inside of it yet. All the times that I have attempted to go, the store was CLOSED when I got there. All of my H purchases so far have been elsewhere. I guess the SF store and I are just not meant to be.
  15. Sparkly, I know the feeling! When DH and I lived in Sac we never went to was like another country or something! I got my H items from SCP or Las Vegas. But when we moved to Humboldt for some reason we started going to SF a lot and now that we're in the Bay Area it's like we live there. LOL :smile: