Anyone Have a Pic of a Spiaggia Gioco?

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  1. I was at Macy's in UTC and I ran across some Spiaggia BVs and Ciaos and one gioco and I really really liked it and would have picked it up except I already have a Spiaggia BV. Now I'm wondering if I should go back and get it because I'm in love with the print. Does anyone own a Spiaggia gioco that they could post pics of?
  2. I do...let me get out the camera...
  3. I know most people don't like the girls, but I love them! I got 2 in the perfect spot. I even have the airplane pulling banner. The only thing I wish I did have is the tiny sea eurchents (sp?) I have 2 but one is cut off and the other is hiding behind coral. It fits a lot, I have a large makeup bag in it, a med size paper back book, keys, sunglasses, phone, i pod and a wallet in it right now.[​IMG][​IMG]
  4. Happy unicorn!! :tup:
  5. I have a few unicorns:graucho: I love the random little cute.
  6. wow your gioco is pretty awesome! its got both the ocean and beach scenes!
  7. wow i REALLY like your gioco. gosh...maybe i should go splurge and get the gioco...but that would me i have two bags in the same print...what to do...
  8. Here are pics of a Spiaggia gioco that pulse had . Depending on the print placement they can look way different.


  9. Love It! My Tokihubby!
  10. Ooooh, the back of that gioco would be perrrrrrrrfect if it was positioned slightly higher so you could really see the surfing monkey!!

  11. SOOOOO cute!!! augh~ too much temptation :smile:
  12. 5282.jpg


    I'm not crazy about the girl on the front, but this one had less of the pink area on the whole, and it had the surfing monkey on all sides.
  13. I just bought a brand new Giocio today ... and here's mine ;

  14. Ooh yours is so pretty! If I were to get a gioco, yours would be my ideal placement.
  15. Thanks! I am so in love with it too, especially when I saw this print with hula girl right in the middle and bikini girl next to her. I also like how the middle part of the print has sort of like mirror print. I also get both the beach and underwater print. And no out of place large semi naked girl to spoil the print! I am so so happy!