Anyone have a pet turtle?? Im thinking about getting one...

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  1. Hi. I love little pets, I would get a dog but Im 20 and in college so I wouldnt be able to take care of a dog right now. (though we do have a family dog). I always wanted a little turtle, and i was looking at them at the petco by my house. I fogott the name of this kind of turtle, but they are a little bigger than the palm of my hand. The description on the case said that they live about 50 years, and just need a clear tank (not the kind you fill with water), and a water bowl they can get into. It said they eat lettuce and stuff like that and do very well alone. I live at home and go to school so im not in a dorm. I'd like to know if anyone has turtles? Are they really this easy to care for? I think they are very cute and I just like watching them haha, eventhough they arent too active:P
  2. Random story:
    When I was little my dad went fishing and came back with a fairly decent sized painted turtle that we named mom was FURIOUS at him, especially because this wasn't the first time he found an animal and decided to bring it home as a pet for my brother and I. Tommy was banished to the a cage in the garage for a month, until my mom became paranoid we were going to get salmonella and made my dad take him to "the zoo" (I later found out he just went to a pond nearby...but for years after we went to the zoo just to "say hi to Tommy the turtle"). After that, she agreed we could finally get a puppy if my dad stopped bringing home wild animals.
    I haven't thought about that in YEARS but your question made me remember him! :biggrin:

    Anyways - back on topic, I say look into getting them from a little more reputable pet my experience, Petco isn't always the greatest. Try, you'd be amazed how many reptiles come into animal shelters (when I worked at one, we usually always had a turtle or two).
    Also, if it's the kind of turtle I'm thinking of - they get BIG. Definitely find out how large they will get, but other than that, they're not too difficult to care for (some species need access to a yard so they can eat grass)...just quite the lifespan to keep in mind.
    I agree with you though, they're kinda interesting to watch. Let me know if you do end up getting one!
  3. thanks! I will deffinatly look into places to get my turtle if i decide to get one. I read online about the salmonella thing you know if theres like a huge chance of getting salmonella from the turtle compaired to like idk a hampster or something? i dont know if its just a turtle thing you know? haha
  4. I'm sorry but this pet store sounds like they just want to sell animal and don't care about the animal itself.

    Turtles require MUCH more than the description says if you want to care for it properly. Please read all you can find about the different kinds of turtles and how to care for them. Many turtles die because they were treated wrong.

    If you would rather have a dog you probably won't be happy with a turtle but they are wonderful animals and fun to watch.
  5. yeah i agree with what you said about the pet store, I have been looking up turtles and they do require more care than was listed. I wouldnt rather have a dog (too much work for me, though they are so adorible!) But im deffinatly looking into turtles a lot more before i make a decision. I just really want to make sure i can take care of them how im supose to....I didnt realize how many kinds of turtles there are you can have as a pet, and how different care for them is... Is there any kinds anyone suggests as a good pet, or better than other kinds? I wouldnt be able to have one that needs a tank full of water though.
  6. Are there any turtle breeders in your area? I think responsible breeders are a wonderful source of information. They should be able to help you find out what turtle would be a good choice for you.

    Turtles are a lot of work. I would say more than a dog but you can leave it alone all day whithout having to worry about it.:smile:
  7. There arent any breeders in the area that i know there a web site i can search for things like that? I dont mind having to clean their case/water and food every day. Its pretty much what you said, you cant leave say, a dog home alone all day... Which i am at school 3 days from noon till 8pm, and all other days im at work for 8 hours.
  8. Here is a link to the CDC's page on reptiles and salmonella:

    Honestly, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just make sure to wash your hand often and take good care of yourself/your pet.

    Try to see if you can find a local reptile club (aka a herpetological society). They could put you in touch with a local breeder, if one exists, and give you information about the care requirements. I'm not sure if there a nationwide directory of these clubs, but I suppose you could just Google "(your city or state name) herpetological society" and see what comes up.
  9. ok thank you guys! I will post more when I know what im going to do. If anyone else knows anything about turtles feel free to keep the advice coming:smile:
  10. I don't know how to find breeders in the US. Maybe you could try google. Hopefully some will show up. :smile:

    Most turtles require heating lamps + full-spectrum light, LARGE housing (most turtles will get big) and you should definitely read about the food. That's a very important part and by far not the easiest. You would have to prepare quite a bit.

    Edit: Here's some information about a box turtle's diet.
  11. o dear:sad: ....I dont think i could keep up with that complicated feeding schedule , and for 50 years at that...I was under the impression all they needed some lettus and pellets once a day and thats it. I probably wont be getting a turtle. I had a hampster when i was like 10 but my dad says he doesnt want one in the house now. He said the turtle was fine. erg I really like pets but i guess being in college and living at home limits thats right now. Maybe when i know for sure that i wont be going away for school (i only would if i had to). I could then look into a dog or other pet
  12. You are very realistic and you will be a wonderful pet owner when the time is right. :smile:
  13. Turtles are not just easy, cute pets. They are pretty high maintenence. Please be well informed before you buy one. We have one that is now about 7 yrs old. He was the size of a silver dollar when my daughter brought him home and nown he is the size of a dinner plate. My huuby takes care of him and he has to live in a 100 gallon tank. He actually could really use a pond now, which we will be building for him in the next couple of years. They have very specific diet requirements. They also bite! You may want to condider gold fish or something. Please look into the proper care of turtles before you get one.
  14. Thank You:P I do love animals, and as much as i want one i want to make sure i can take care of them as good as they should be taken care of! For now i guess ill admire the cute pictures you all post of your pets:smile:
  15. hm I have had several gold fish when i was lived for like 5 years! haha I get sad when they die, Iv thought about getting one again, but seeing them in the little bowl just swimming around makes me really sad actually....I feel like im being mean by putting them into a glass bowl on my dresser , haha maybe im a bit too sensative about it