Anyone have a paypal code?

  1. thanks.
  2. try SEASON for 5% off
  3. tried 'SEASON' - not working anymore.
  4. I have one :yes: CUDDLYTOY3, for 10 pounds off, but it only works for purchases over 70 pounds. worth a try tho ;)
  5. Not working. I tried it yesterday.

    Where do you get those codes for PayPal?:s
  6. I've had paypal for 6 years and I've never heard of that! I must not be buying enough these days...
  7. Those are so-called redemption codes.
    I know about eBay Anything Points, but this program is discontinued, so I just wonder if I can get some discounts codes for PayPal, would be nice, I shop quite a lot on eBay :shrugs:
    I shop online through ******, I think offers something like that too and they have 14% or so for Yoox(****** offers only 6% for Yoox), but you have to be Lucky magazine subscriber.
    Every three months ****** sends me money to my PayPal account, at least something for nothing :rolleyes:
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