Anyone have a multicolore bandeau or scarf?

  1. Exactly how do you use it?

    I have a perforated onrthat I tie on my batignolles. But I'm wondering what bags would look good w/ the multicolore scarf?

    Are idea of what bags or other uses for the scarf/bandeau??
  2. A multicolore scarf goes with a multicolore bag! or at least that how I use mine.... As for other uses, well I sometimes take it off and wear around my arm :biggrin:
  3. I have a black multicolor Bandeau and a bandana.
    I bought the bandeau orginally to use as a belt but I don't love the way it looks on, so I guess I will tie it on my black mc speedy someday???
    The bandana I wear to keep my hair back.