Anyone have a Mono-Miroir Speedy and it's CRACKING???

  1. I was one of the lucky few who got a Monogram Miroir Speedy 30 from the LV Flagship store in SF. Even though I got on the wait list in early August, and was dicked around for 2 weeks, I GOT ONE! :yahoo:So, after having it for just over a month, I've noticed CRACKS around the handle where it is sewn to the body of the bag!:cursing:

    Does anyone else have this bag and this problem?
    This bag is PVC coated in liquid metal (or so they told me at the store), how will it naturally age????:shrugs:

    Honestly, the cracks don't diminish from the overall beauty of the bag, but I paid $1,443.05 for it and I was expecting it to out live me! I am seriously questioning the durability of this as daily use bag, which is what I bought it for. It's not a special occasion bag, it's way too casual and HUGE. I have a Mono-Multicore Shirley for special occasions:graucho:

    I called LV and they advised to bring it in for inspection, which I will, but I just wanted to see if there were any others out there having this problem, too. Thank you so much!!! This is my first post :smile:
  2. i think there have been posts about this already in the main part of the LV forum
  3. Yup, I think this is normal... :s
  4. Are they actual cracks or just bends in the material?
    I have both the gold and the silver..I've been using my silver one a lot more but haven't had any problems yet.

    Also, this bag wasn't recommended to be used as a daily bag due to the fragile material. It will hold up well but wasn't meant for daily use.
  5. Wow I was regretting not buying this bag to sell but after hearing this I am glad, never had complaints & don't need them to start now!
  6. Yeah, the material is naturally susceptible to wrinkling. I agree with LVBabydoll, miroir was not meant to be for everyday use. My SA even warned me that this was a special occasion bag only. I don't own any Miroir but this is what I was advised when I was inquiring about the waitlist. It's not that the construction is not durable, but the nature of the material itself. The metallic coating is also very prone to scratches.
    For the sake of the beauty of your bag, I don't recommend you continue to use it as an everyday purse!