Anyone have a modeling pic of a daria?

Jul 14, 2007
hi, i have a Daria in denim. it's a beautiful bag, love the leather. YOu can see the picture of it on my album in my profile. But i have not used it yet. it's a nice size bag, but it's not so comfortable on my shoulder and too big (actually too long) for a handheld bag. I have it for a while and still debating whether to ebay it. Hope this help


Mika Luv!
Sep 7, 2006
SF Bay Area
Hey H, I have the denim Daria so I'll try to take a dreaded modeling pic later, just for you :flowers:. Btw, Amethyst sounds GORGEOUS! The Amethyst zc is still on my list :love:.


Breakin' the Bank
Jan 8, 2007
A smaller messy house
It is so delectable! Daria seems like a pretty good little bag. I'm usually a big bag girl, but in older threads I saw that this can hold a lot (namely a ZC)!

If I don't get it, I'll let you girls know!