Anyone have a Mini Lin Diaper Bag? Thoughts or opinions b4 I buy appreciated...

  1. I am no LV expert but I love Louis as much as the next label whore:heart::drool: So, I am considering purchasing the Mini Lin Diaper Bag in Ebene...thoughts???? I ned the fashionista mommies to weigh in, pretty please! THANKS!:love:
  2. I think it's a great bag for a fashionable soon-to-be-mommy! If I were to get it, I too would get it in Ebene because I would always be paranoid about getting it dirty. :sweatdrop:
  3. I saw it today at the store, and it wasn't really eye candy in my opinion. I've seen cuter NON LV diaper bags =] but i still love LV too =]
  4. I love my LVs, but the diaper bag just doesn't hold my interest....and I have many diaper bags. I would look at function more than the look of the diaper bag. I have a ton of diaper bags, cute, very stylish, but crap designs. They don't make the pockets big enough or deep enough, or the bag is just to darn small. If the function of the bag suits your needs, then I would buy it. If not, I would keep looking for something else, there are tons of designer diaper bags that are super cute!!! And then I would get YOU a little something instead!!! Maybe a new LV wallet to go into your diaper bag, or a new LV small bag to put "mommy things" in to go in your diaper bag......:yes:
  5. I love my lables as well as the next girl, but when it comes to a diaper bag, you want functionality over anything else!
    When you're carrying around diapers, wipes, bottles, clothes, blankets, wallet, make-up etc.... you definatley want a proper design!
  6. ^^^ I totally agree. :yes:

    I'm not a mom but as soon as I become preggers the Ebene Mini Lin Diaper Bag is going on my Have To Get List!

    It is beautiful and a perfect diaper bag for an LV lover, in my opinion.
  7. Thanks SO much for the stubborn fashionista that I am I bought it...and I HATE it!!!!!! LOL! It's SOOOO uncomfortable! Once you load it up w/ all the stuff you have to lug around for your baby you won't believe how NOT functional this bad boy is! The shoulder strap has already left a permanant indention!'s back to much less expensive, much more functional Juicy diaper bag. HO HUM!!! :blah: I think I'll give it to my sister-in-law...she too prescribes to the "beauty is pain" mantra I live we'll see just how far she is willing to go in a few months when my neice is born!!!