Anyone have a MC Pochette?

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  1. Ladies, if you do.. would you mind.. please, please, taking a peek and post what your date code initials are don't need the number just the initials.
    Thank you:flowers:
  2. It's hard to see but, I think it's SD.
  3. S L
  4. Sorry, on my wish list... good luck!
  5. If I can find mine around here I will check it out! It's semi-packed away tho...
  6. Michelle, I hate to ask.. but can you please check it again to be sure its not
    S L instead of S I ?

    Thanks I appreciate it
  7. Duh- should have had my glasses on- Michelle.. SL is correct - thanks again
  8. Thanks Crystal:yes:
  9. I kept trying to type it in SL and it was not taking the upper case L. It is SL. Looked like SI before I edited my post. Sorry :shame:
    Is that what yours says? What does this mean?
  10. Mine is CA. made in Spain.
  11. I'm not at home right now...but I can check both of mine later tonight if you still need to know :flowers:
  12. Mine is SD....made in USA.
  13. SL
    made in france
  14. Thank you ladies for your effort. I am trying to update the date code sheet posted in the reference section. A fellow sista pointed out that the MC also had the SD date code initials we wanted to be sure before updating the sheet.
    Thanks again:flowers:
  15. What did you need the code for? Authenticating something?