Anyone have a Marine City?

  1. Hi there

    I left BBags for a while but now feel the need to return!

    Last night I saw the marine city and loved the colour - the leather wasn't great and I only had a quick glance at it but I would love to see any of yours out there before I take the plunge and get one.

    Anyone have pics? and anyone have any thoughts on it?

  2. Chris

    Thanks for that - gosh they all look so different. Defo think this is my next purchase! Had enough of Chloes for a while
  3. I have been wanting a Marine City ofr Day for a while, NM has had several and they color is tdf but the leather was rough and not smooth.
  4. Hi Secret! Nice to see you here in the bbag subforum! OMgoodness you will fall back in love w/bbags once u try em out again! The marine is gorgeous! I have a thick smooshy marine work (the texture and color is like chris' but mine is a work) that I am in love with~!!
  5. Secret: Yes! Give your poor shoulders a rest from carrying all that Paddy weight around!:yes:

    The Marine colour looks fab in the City style, IMO.

    If you can't find the leather you like in th UK, I am going to Paris on the 19th, and would be happy to help you out!

  6. Excellent Siri Anne - will get my list organised!!! hee hee. You are too kind.