Anyone Have A Marelle Mm

  1. I love the look of this bag!!!!!!! :love:
    Does anyone have it? It it practical as an everyday bag? Any pics?:graucho:

    Thanks a bunch!
  2. Thanks! It's really cute!
  3. I don't have pics, but I tried it on in person. I found the shoulder straps too long...and the ties may suffer from excessive wear from repeated opening and closing. I do love the style though!! I'm eyeing the pochette marelle right now. A fellow tPF-er has recent bought one.
  4. Yeah I was a bit worried when I saw that you have to undo the 2 buckles every time you open the bag, a clip closure would be so much better but theres something so cute about this bag, :love: it's the only small shoulder bag thats got my attention at the moment........guess I'll have to try it on IRL one day lol.........which means a 3 hour trip to Sydney:cry: .

    Hmmm so just how long is the strap?
  5. For me, it was at a weird position between my hip and my armpit. Not long enough to hit my hip so I can wear it across my body, but not short enough to tote it as a shoulder bag.
  6. It seems like there is a small slit/opening in between the 2 pockets. Can you put anything in that slit?