Anyone Have a MAM in Tangerine?

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  1. #1 Aug 14, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2008
    I have preordered a mini nikki in cloudy grey. I am obsessed w/ yellows and oranges right now. I'm thinking of ordering the MAM in tangerine. Anyone have it? Love it? I'm still torn on the size. I like a decent size bag and a tad bit worried the MAM will be too small for me. Then again the bigger one could be too big. Ugh...decisions, decisions!!!!
  2. MAM is actually a pretty small size... I think Tangerine is a great choice and V.H. has one too..
  3. Can the MA fit on your shoulder? I don't do well w/ handheld.
  4. i have a tangy MAMa!
    i actually think the size is quite roomy.
    i can fit the following w/ room to spare:
    Coach large wristlet
    Coach capacity wristlet
    Coach mini skinny
    RM Kiss and Makeup bag
    small umbrella
  5. yes, but not w/ a bulky coat.
    i bought the Hobo strap for this winter!;)
  6. I usually have a 30 pounds 3 year old attached to my hip (ha ha)...and live in the South. No need for big winter coats.

    Thanks for your help! Such a big decision!!! I know I want tangerine just can't decide on size. Maybe this would help. I had the small LV speedy and it was too small. i ended up selling it on ebay.
  7. ^^the 25?
    i *think* the MAM is bigger.
  8. Yes the 25. I'm going to compare on measurements. Thanks again for the help.
  9. There was a thread- i'll see if i can find it, but the MAM compares to the size of a speedy 30. The MAM is very roomy, but it didn't fit me comfortably on the shoulder. I have a tangerine MAB, and it slouches when its not full, so it doesn't look at big :smile:
  10. That's exactly what I need! I'm ordering the MAM in tangerine now. Hubby will be happy to know he has already bought my anniversary present....ha ha (hopefully he will forget the nikki was supposed to be my anniversary present!!!!!)
  11. The MAM is the perfect size. I don't think it will be too small. When I first got mine, I even found it to be a bit big for me (I'm 5'4"), but after carrying it around for awhile, it becomes smooshier and a little less bulky. I can fit so many things in it, which in retrospect may be bad, since my MAM has been quite beat up because I've abused the space.
  12. I ordered it! Whoo hoo!!

    I'm 5'3" so thanks for the info lilyshaw:smile:
  13. I do I do! Love her! And yes, you can carry it on your shoulder.