Anyone have a Loden?

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  1. I'm usually an MK girl but came across the Kate Spade Loden bag and love it. Similar to the MK Sutton. Anyone have the Loden? Love it? Hate it? Any mod shots of the small size? Digging the small Peony - looks like a coral colour in the pics I've seen.
  2. I owned a few Lodens (small and regular/large size) and bought them all within about a 3-4 month period, just in different colours and sizes (black/dune, dynasty red, navy, mulled wine, and smoke grey). I used them as my throw around bags for running errands or at my pt job however my issue with them was the main compartment closure which was just a snap button so if I'd my wallet, phone or sunglasses in there they'd be visible to passersby when worn open as a crossbody or on one shoulder. I ended up giving away two and selling the other three for that reason along with the fact that I have a greater preference for KSNY specialty items (the outlet logo really bothers me).

    The style is similar to the MK Sutton and Tory Burch Robinson Double Zip, all of which are inspired by the Prada Lux Double Zip Tote. From the contemporary brands the Tory Burch version is my favourite but also the most expensive. The KSNY Loden's were relatively low priced hence the reason I bought so many but also the quality was decent.

    I did a reveal a while back with pictures of the bag and matching wallet as well as what fits inside the small size:

  3. Thanks very much for the reply. Unsure of what I want to do, love the look but yes that open space is worrisome.

  4. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice bag, the style is current with the double zip, and for me it was the perfect size. I could snap in the sides which gave my bag additional closure but if I was carrying more (i.e.: my iPad) the sides needed to be left unsnapped. Also the Small Loden didn't look right carried on the crook of my arm - when I carry my Tory Burch version on my arm it's not only much more comfortable but the lack of a top-zip or other form of closure doesn't bother me. I'd recommend going in to try it on and seeing the conclusion you come to, it may be very different than mine.
  5. Was at the outlet today, glad I checked it out instead of buying it online - wasn't crazy about it actually.
  6. Yeah, it's not that great to be honest. I had the sutton and coach's version which is called the stanton... I think the prada version is better because honestly this bag doesn't fit that much (for my needs)
  7. I have one and I love it! I use it as my purse AND diaper bag. My child is 3 so I don't carry much baby stuff now. I keep my cellphone and wallet on the sides, they fit well and has the zipper closure. And on the open part I keep a diaper, babywipe and my child's waterbottle. I keep the button open to fit them all. But yeah I love it afterall. For the price, I would choose Loden to MK sutton.

  8. Lol good idea! I have a 3 month old so I need too much stuff still to do that lol.
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