Anyone have a link to the YSL private sale?

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  1. Would be eternally grateful if anyone can share a ysl site private sale link!
  2. ^^ Same!
  3. Me too, TIA!
  4. same! Pretty please!
  5. Me too!
  6. Same!
  7. I'd truly appreciate a link too :flowers:
  8. same!
  9. Same!
  10. This is not the private sale but they have made the 'sales' page officially available again. I think this is everything that will be going on sale, but the prices haven't been changed yet. I heard the stores are doing pre-sales tho.
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  11. When does it typically start and what’s the discount?
  12. Hi,
    Sorry I’m on mobile.
    I shopped the private sale in stores via invite from my sales lady and some of the items in the link were at the sale. Mostly seasonal colors like the bubblegum pink, the maroon, forest green, and that royal blue. I did see some Loulous, Bellachase, Kate’s, and Sunsets. Not sure when the sale starts but the private sale has been going on for about 1.5 weeks now so it’s supposed to go live very soon until early June I believe is what she told me. Discount is 30% off original. Hope this helps everyone.
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