Anyone have a link to prove Coach & DB in Target?

  1. I posted this on another board and someone thinks it is a hoax. Any help appreciated! :yes:
  2. I don't any have any links, but on another thread on here, someone had a pic of the DB bags at Target. It's somewhat hard for me to believe, too, but I guess Target is carrying them. I don't know if they are at my Target yet, but I am checking asap.

  3. Some posters on another board contacted D & B and the customer service person said it wasn't true. Wonder if Target is getting the bags from another source -- surely they aren't fakes, hmmmmmm. :rolleyes:
  4. :wtf: Wow!! This is news for me! Could it be possible that Target is selling *gulp* fakes?:wtf:
  5. Thanks, Marie. :smile: