Anyone have a Leather Braeden?

  1. I never paid much attention to this bag. At the time it came out I bought an Ada in black leather and found out it had a serious weight problem...LOL

    I've been seeing an occassional Braeden here or there and wondered if I passed on a Good thing. I wonder if it pouches or does the small depth make digging for things impossible. And I wondered about the weight. It has less studs than the Ada but is it still a heavy heavy bag. The black leather ones are so nice looking. Also, I wondered about the shoulder strap. Is it really short and is it too short to wear comfortably.

    So...anyone have a leather Braeden or seen one IRL???
  2. well lexie actually the woman i nanny for has one (but she has the braided one) and it is muuch lighter then the ada i had an ada so i know the 20 lb empty problem you are talking about

    and her bag is much lighter, i mean it still has more weight then my koobas with no studs but def lighter

    i think its def due (at least to some extent) to the fact that it has less studs WAY less

    as far as i remember it sits very well on the shoulder it has a much bigger shoulder drop then the ada which could barely get over the shoulder

    if you want when im there thurs ill try it on and take some pics of it on my shoulder with my sidekick (well ill have her daughter do it)

    were cool like that :smile: she loves bags too not as much as me but she understands my obsession she loves the kooba tho! she uses it a lot!
  3. Lexie,

    I own a Braedon in black, it was my second Kooba. It crossed my mind to sell her only because I didn't pull her out very often...but, I have changed my mind.

    I bought it for just under $200 at Off Saks and think it is a workhorse of a bag. It is FLAT, not poochy like your Jillian. It hangs on your shoulder quite well, somewhat flat against your body and it stays on my shoulder just fine.

    My laptop fits inside, one reason I am keeping it. And it is a large size, albeit flat. It is not a black hole inside but it IS deep, deeper than any other bag I own. My little Brahmin wallet does get lost somewhat but the two slip pockets keep my cell and little stuff up high. I use a key hook so my keys stay high in the bag, no groping.

    The weight is just fine, it was never an issue or thought when I carried it.

    The real pleasure with a leather Braedon is the black, bomber jacket leather, it is wonderful with abit more texture than your Maria.

    While the Braedon is not on the top of my list for usage compared to my other bags, I still find it functional and like having a large carryall on occasion.

    I hope that helps.
    Braedon3.JPG Braedon-inside-2.JPG Keyhook-2.JPG
  4. Lexie, you would definately like the leather of this bag. The only thing you may not like is how it hangs FLAT. The side studding strap keeps it from pooching out.

    Inside you could carry a wallet, book, water bottle, makeup case, glasses, and keys. It might be heavy with a full load but what purse isn't? It is not as heavy as the Ada.
  5. It's funny but there seem to be two ways to spell Braedon/Braeden. The Kooba site shows it with an 'e' but the tag on the bag had an 'o'. Weird.
  6. Thanks guys. This seems to be a nice nice bag. I think I will keep a watch out for one on eBay. I'll put it in my search spelled both ways and see what comes up. I'd love to get a deal like yours Lindy.
    One thing I loves about my Ada was the leather and the Braedon seems to have the exact type.

    Check out the bag I posted in Authenticate This and let me know what you think..
  7. Lexie, I emailed your regular email with a deal on a Braeden, look there.
  8. Thanks to Lindy I will be getting my Braedon in a few days!!! The best deal on eBay was 350 and I emailed the sellers trying to make a deal but no one wrote me back. I got it from Off 5th in Cinci for 239 plus 13 for shipping. That's terrific!
    I had to tell Hubby. He loves a deal and that soothes the initial "OMG she bought another purse" moment.

    If it was the weekend and nice weather I would make the 4 hour drive to pick it up. But when I go to Cinci I want to stay for 3 days minimum. We have too many people to see and so much to do since it was Hubby's old stomping grounds.