Anyone have a large ellipse?

  1. I think goldenleopardlady has one..?
  2. I have one also! It's in the back of my monogram picture..let me find it and I'll post. The technical name is the Ellipse shopper.
  3. was my mom's and I'd say she got it in about 1997. I think it was a more limited style, similar to today's Mizi and Klara. I'll take a better one tonight of just that one bag, if you want :smile:
  4. That would be great, if you could! Do you like it?
  5. Rebecca those cupcakes look YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Lol thanks Bagladie!

    Here are a couple has a zipped outside pocket, and actually, I checked the date code and it's dated Feb. of 99. So she got it in 1999, not 1997 like I thought. :smile:
    And I do like it but it's kind of weird having that round of a bag on my shoulder lol. I've only used it a couple of times but my mom uses it more. She gave it to me but she uses it a LOT more than I do. She loves it because it holds a TON of things-it's really a nice bag.
    100_6878.JPG 100_6881.JPG
  7. Rebecca, that Ellipse still looks pristine!
  8. Thanks so much for the pics!
  9. Lol I know! With as much as my mom used it I'm surprised it does..all she does is keep it in the dustbag and that's it.

    And you're welcome Twinkle! Do let us know what you decide :yes:
  10. Whoa--that's a HUGE bag! :nuts:
  11. I love that bag, I hope you get it!! (And I can live vicariously through you!)
  12. I have one, and I love it. It holds everything, and I really like the strap length.