Anyone have a Lamarthe handbag?

  1. i have one i used when i went on vacation and it worked great. it was very practical and wore very well
  2. I have a black leather older lamarthe handbag. The quality of the bag is excellent. Love it. If you would like me to post pictures let me know. The leather is excellent quality.
  3. I noticed them in Galeries Lafayette yesterday. Their bags look very pretty.
  4. I have owned Lamarthe bags since the 90s, I think it's been. I used to see lots of them in Paris at either Galeries Layfayete or Printemps. But, they were much cheaper at T.J.Maxx where I bought a lot of mine. The T.J.Maxx in Westlake Village used to carry a lot of them. My best friend and I loaded up on them, from that T.J.Maxx, many years ago.
  5. Bagolicious ... Do you still have your bags? I live close to westlake village and also shopped at TJMaxx
  6. I thought that I had gotten rid of all of them, but it hit me that I still have two that I absolutely love and use for travel. The two I kept are made of nylon and are vertical, rectangular shaped and cross body style. There's a zipper on top and a wide, nylon shoulder strap. It's perfect for fitting maps into when I'm overseas and roaming around different cities. Then there's also a zip pouch to keep my money in.

    The only reason that I gave away my other Lamarthe bags is that they were mostly the baguette style and were small. I outgrew small bags and wanted something larger. They were leather and gorgeous.

    My best friend and I used to zip up to T.J.Maxx in Westlake Village to load up on them. This was back, not long after that T.J.Maxx first opened. They had lots of great handbags and many that were Parisian designers and were much cheaper than what they cost in Paris. I'm in Paris annually checking out handbags and quite a few that I see there, I see at T.J.Maxx.
  7. Don't own one, but would like to get one.
  8. Thanks for getting back. ;)
  9. i think it is too old for me
  10. WOW, I am sorry to hear that. What is wrong with once traditional brands nowadays? I have hear awful things about Goyard as well, and now Lamarthe? What a shame.
  11. I've had no problems with Lamarthe. Now, Goyard is another situation, not that I own any of them, but I have talked to people who do. Not a pretty picture.

    When it comes to the high end designers, I'll stick to LV, Chloe, and a few of my Chanels bought decades ago. I have never had any problems with LV for over a 30 years. And the Chloes and Chanels have been great,too.
  12. My friend owns one and I am always find myself staring at hers wishing i had one lol.
  13. Has anyone found any Lamarthe bags recently in TJ maxx or Marshall's?

    Ventee Prive (a luxury brand online sample sale store) is offering it in UK for average of 149 pounds per bag - roughly $242 USD.

    Was just wondering if I have any chance of finding this in USA stores and for a cheaper price?

    Thanks! :smile:
  14. Found a Lamarthe today at the Goodwill. I had never heard of the brand until today. What I picked up is a dark grey patent leather(??) bag with plastic (lucite?) handles. It looks to be very well-made. I paid $1 for it - was it a steal? :smile:
  15. My best friend has two small totes. The leather, lines, quality are all beautiful!