Anyone have a Lamarthe handbag?

  1. These bags are inexpensive to buy in the US but are more expensive to buy in France. The leather is nice, in my opinion and they are very nice and seem to be a very good value. Just wondering if anyone else appreciates these?

    I usually do not like bags that are inexpensive....:nuts:.....but I do like these lol!
  2. Hello,
    I just bought a Lamarthe patent black leather handbag in Ka de We in Berlin. Was still expensive but it is sehr schön!
  3. I'm interested in a Lamarthe bag, it's a medium leather shopper, in white, I like the design , but are these bags good in quality? I'll be in KaDeWe next week.
  4. I have a Lamarthe large Exception hobo in white. LOVE the style, the drape, and the leather. The only issue I have with it is that the interior has a zipper pocket....and that is all. No slip pockets, combined with the fact that it is a rounded hobo style, means all my stuff ends up in a jumble in the bottom. ~arg~

    Your mentions of KaDeWe make me sentimental. My Tante Christa lives a few miles from the KuDamm and I've spent many an hour wandering through stores there including KaDeWe (which alone can take hours!). ~sigh~
  5. I have the Grand Basket. I like it but it is pretty thin leather. It is beautiful though.
  6. Are you happy with your white? Does it get yellowish with time? My only fear is that it will yellow.

    I loooove KuDamm we are renovating our small apt there, just a few blocks from Adenauer Platz!:heart:
    Very OT but is anyone willing to meet at KaDeWe for shopping? I'll be there until the 14th of Feb.:smile:
  7. I have a Lamarthe bag, orange colour, bought two years ago.
    The shoulder strap broke unexpectedly, SECOND time when I put it on my shoulder.
    I went back to the store and they told me that they do not have spare parts to fix it, next told me they were still waiting and finally told me that it would be better to contact Lamarthe directly. (Guarantee of 24 months is declared on these bags.)
    Then e-mailed Lamarthe customer service with a photo of the broken shoulder strap - no reply at all by this moment, complete silence for 2 years.
    I think that there is no mention of beautiful leather on my bag - my bag is made from a thin leather layer which is coated with some plastic or similar artificial material on the top of it, these two layers are even quite recognizable.
    No Lamarthe for me anymore.
  8. I have never heard of these before, is there somewhere I can view them online? Could someone post pictures :nuts:
  9. I saw a few of them on Bluefly and they did look quite pretty. But after reading the posts on here, I think I'll have to pass.
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    So far I'm very happy. No yellowing at all and I've had the bag for more than a year. I'll have to find a pic of the style or take some myself and share. The leather *is* thinner than other bags I own but with its size and the quality of the leather I'm quite happy with it.

    My aunt lives on Wilmersdorfer Str., just a couple of blocks from the Charlottenburg Schloss and my cousin a few blocks from there on Zille Str by the Deutsche Oper! I love that whole area. ~wistful sigh~
  11. Here's my lovely spring/summer white Exception.
    Lamarthe Exception 1.jpg Lamarthe Exception 2.jpg
  12. Pretty!
  13. Ok I checked the Lamarthe bags both in KaDeWe and Galeries Lafayette , and they are of really good quality!!! I didn't buy anything though, I will wait until prices drop more. I'm in love with a bowling bag that DH spotted and it has a faux python effect, I loved both the chocolate brown and the black version, cool bags! Around 500 euro if I'm not mistaken.

    However I purchased just minutes ago this lovely tote from yoox, just because it has such low price! Only 49 Euro!!!
  14. i have had several from paris. one shoulder starp broke, but my shoe cobbler repaired it, another one is very vintage avante garde frame bag with a wristlet and i also have a brand new balck wallet with a crest somewhere in my closet...
  15. My Lamarthe is my favorite bag of all time, bar none.
    I have the Grande Andalouse. I have given it very hard abuse for two straight years, I would buy another IN A HEARTBEAT if only I could find one.