Anyone have a Heeboo?

  1. I saw a navy one with BJ trim. SA said they are making them a little differently now--bigger, wider base at the bottom. Thought it might be a good casual bag, but not sure about the canvas getting trashed easily. Does anyone have one? How does it wear?
  2. asa, I'd problems with my Garden Party tote which was in toile and since that I have become skeptical about toile bags. Pretty as they usually are, but the longetivity is questionable.

    If I was shopping for a casual shopper-tote, I would go for the Victoria Cabas but in full leather.

    Photo credit: Eric Fam.

  3. o:huh:oo That Victoria Cabas looks very nice :smile:
  4. Thank you, Mrs S, once again, for your wisdom. There have been several items that, without your guidance, I would have bought that would have been wrong in the long run. You are very good at helping people hold out for the good stuff and not succumbing to the pull of immediate gratification. Thank you!:smile:
  5. Asa: That is soo true! MrsS had helped to re-direct my focus back to my true love - Kelly :love:
    Without her gentle prompting, I would have been kicking myself so many a times! :noggin:
  6. :blush: I have a good teacher :flowers: :love: I am only but a fast learner.