Anyone have a Hayden Harnett Orsay satchel?

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  1. I have been looking for a good two compartment purse and this just went on sale for a great price. Does anyone have one that can offer an opinion? Is it heavy? Well made? I have a Bbag Day and it's sometimes a challenge finding my stuff among all of my son's. Two compartments could work great!
  2. I don't own one, but I have seen them IRL. They are a nice size and very well made, BUT the leather trim is very thick and stiff. Also, I like to be able to wear a bag directly on my shoulder, and the Orsay won't do that. As a satchel, it would work very well and I love the look. They are one of the heavier HH bags, but not as heavy as the Beatrice. HTH
  3. That does help, thanks! It probably is not the bag for me.
  4. I have this bag and I can wear it on my shoulder. As a matter of fact, the strap length is somewhat adjustable. It is heavy, but I love mine.
  5. Hi fabae, the Orsay satchel that I ordered from the HH sale arrived today. I purchased the bag in brandy and the style is gorgeous! I noticed that much of the bag consists of more "pebbly" leather while one side of the bag has more of a "buttery" or smooshy leather. Just wondering whether your Orsay has variations in leather like this one seems to have. Your comments or anyone else's feedback would be much appreciated!
  6. Clueless me, after I posted the above I saw your thread with pics of your Orsay!
  7. Yeah, I can't really comment on whether all of the leather is the same. What leather there is on mine, though, is pebbly.