Anyone have a green Fendi Spy?

  1. Hi guys, I'm thinking about bidding on the green spy on ebay right now, but can't decide if the color is a must have for me. I would greatly appreciate any nice close-up shots of your green Spys so I get a better look at the color.

    Many thanks!
  2. hi who is the ebayer? Green is a rare color.
  3. is it just plain green? i know some1 has the ivory with green trimming,... not sure if that helps
  4. I think the one on ebay might be a fake - some of the pics show an authentic spy, but I think those are stolen pics. And the pic of the hologram serial tag shows that the A is too close to the hologram which the fake bags are doign right now - I think that's a giveaway that it's a fake bag and the listing has a mixture of pics from fake and authentic bags!
  5. Wow. so glad to know this. thanks Greenie:flowers:
  6. Greendv this is useful information. I have emailed the seller asking for more pictures it will be interesting to see what pictures they post
  7. Decho.. always try looking in european boutiques ..
    i was sooooooooo hopeless about finding a petrol spy, luckily as a very last try.. i called up paris and founf not 1 BUt THREE petrols

    good luck :smile:
  8. Saich, are you still looking for petrol?
  9. Chloe, How long ago did you find the 3 petrols at a Paris Fendi Boutique.? Do they still have two left you think?
  10. Hi always looking for Petrol. I bought one which is lovely but its not really bubbly it is a bit but I like spys that are really bubbly. Their are none in Paris or any where else except I think one was sent back to Fendi in NYC they got it from Fendi Hawaii. By the way Deco they have added more pictures of the green spy still not very good. She seems very nice has a petrol, Choc and Honey spy.
  11. I don't know what it is about those pictures, maybe just bad lighting, but the color seems so washed out... not very rich or vibrant. :sad:
  12. I have emailed the seller again and told her I cannot bid as pictures so bad told her to look at item 250041223608 which uses ebay picture service upgrade. I think this bag is to smooth for us anyway but it would be interesting to see if she list her petrol spy
  13. hi we are the sellers of the green FENDI spy handbag( 170040603379).We were told to visit this site by many of our loyal customers. Our handbags and all of our items are Authentic. We posted 10 pic's and felt that was alot to post and then added pic's. We often don't add pic's ,because the customers that request additional pic's ,often aren't serious buyers. We think it is malicious for people to infer that items are not Authentic without ever being one of our customers . Our feedback speaks for itself! This is a business and we find it disheartening that this goes on. If anyone has furter interest in our items please, please contact us directly. We encourage questions.
  14. The girls on this forum are experienced Spy owners and can tell when there are discrepancies between what you have in your auction and the real thing. I don't see why people should shut up when they are expressing their honest opinions and say it as it is. If you are so confident of your product you have nothing to worry about, least of all opinions expressed by Spy owners on this forum.
  15. hi just because a person owns a Fendi spy handbag doesn't make them an expert. We try hard to sell quality items, and although everyones opinions are not meant to be harmful they are..... Our handbag is picutured on the same table we take all our pic's on, different lighting and angles. We sell only designer items and pride ourselves on great prices. Please as you say your opinions, be mindful of just jumpn' to unfounded conclusions.