Anyone have a good sales associates at South Coast Plaza store and direct #?

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  1. I am so frustrated!
    I wanted to purchase two vernis items and like the vernis that has a deeper embossing ( I know sounds crazy, but if you really look at different vernis pieces you can tell.)
    I'm picky and if I'm going to spend over 1K I really want to get one I want.
    So I called the number on my receipt from a previous LV purchase from that store and its gets routed to there calling center where the rudest girl on planet earth works.
    She told me I am not able to talk to someone on the sales floor becuase they're busy. ugh!
    I know the store must have a direct number as I'm able to call the other stores direct.
    Thank you!
  2. My SA is Sylvia at Neiman Marcus in Fashion Island....she can get anything they have at SCP and is much nicer to deal with....her number is (949) 759-1900. Tell her Heather sent you!
  3. thanks agent Kitty!
    I rather take my money to someone nice - I ring her over the weekend.
    Appreciate the info :smile: