Anyone have a Givenchy Nightingale bag?

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  1. I have purchased the Givenchy Nightingale Corset chain handbag..It is really beautiful! I find it extremely big and heavy though! I spent over 2000.00 on this bag...and am disappointed! This is the one seen on Hilary Duff back in Nov 09..anyone have this bag and any opinions on it?
  2. Could you please post pics.
  3. I think this is HD´s


    I´ve got the classic one - it´s really huge, but I love it :biggrin:



    Here´s a pic compared to the MbMJ Sasha and the Prada Cervo Lux

    black beauty.jpg
  4. ^Oh I love it but I like Hilary's better.

    The Lioness:You do realise you posted this in the Miu Miu thread.
    And why are you disapointed if you don't mind me asking.
  5. Please only post MIU MIU topics in our MIU MIU forum . . . moving this now.
  6. I got the classic Nightingale too and I love it^^
  7. i think the look differs on various people but hilary duff looks so lovely with the oversized givenchy!
  8. that's a bit weird since she's tiny :smile:
  9. I have one! I use mine everyday, and love it to death! :yes:
  10. I really like this bag but looks like it's only available at Barney's, and they don't accept international credit cards. I like the medium size.
  11. I have 2 'gales and LOVE both of them!(I have a 07SS original distressed black patent in medium, and a large black with ostrich foot handles)and am thinking of the third....

    Not a fan of the extra details Givenchy has been putting on their 'gales the classics.
  12. is the one hilary duff has still available anywhere?
  13. I really love the givenchy corset bag and have been eyeing it on the barney's website for the last two weeks... not the one with the chain handle but the one with the corset strap... the large one in either brown or black... I'm hoping to find it at a not so painful price! it's lovely.