Anyone have a fuscia and framboise vernis?

  1. Would love to see them side by side if anyone has them, and would be so kind to post snaps :smile:
  2. [​IMG]

    Fuchsia on the left, framboise on the right.
  3. Wow, they look pretty close in color. Both gorgeous!!!:love:
  4. Thanks so much elle!
  5. Ooh I have one also..let me dig it up on my photobucket :smile:
  6. I like framboise vernis more.. IMO it looks so rich!
  7. ^^ I prefer framboise too, but coz it seems more subtle. :P
  8. Ok..the Houston is Framboise and the Lexington and PTI wallet are Fuchsia. Sorry the pictures are so big.
  9. Here is my fuschia reade and framboise ludlow.
    yfdb6.jpg yfdb7.jpg
  10. everyone's bags are so gorgeous in these phots, and I'm sure live-in-person as well.

    if they were food I imagine they'd have lots of calories . . .that's how good they look to me :upsidedown:
  11. Thank you! Thank you! Everyone. I wasn't sure about my new framboise Reade PM, thought I should get a fushcia off e-bay....but while I like the fushcia, I do def. like the framboise more!!! Yeah! Still not sure on the reade, she still may go back and get 'upgraded' to a bigger size. But atleast I am sure on the color.