Anyone have a Ferragamo Gancio??

  1. I've been getting more and more enamored of this bag, but haven't been able to see one IRL and was wondering....

    1) Is it a huge bag?

    2) Interior lining/pockets...what's inside?

    3) Is it a comfortable bag to wear on the shoulder? Does it work well as an everyday bag?
  2. I think Sweetea has the ostrich one. She posted pictures of it a while back. It looks absolutely gorgeous!!!
  3. Yes, I do have the SF Gancio bag and I really adore and love this bag!:biggrin:

    I will try to post pics again or maybe I can link it to the thread I posted so you can get the idea about the bag.;)
  4. I'm in a dilema right now trying to decide between a black Ferragamo Gancio I have on old at NM and a new Chanel shoulder bag I got today. I really love the Ferragamo. The leather is super soft. It fits on the shoulder perfectly. It definitely is not too big. I'm only 5'1" and it wasn't too big on me. I can't keep them both. I have to decide on one. What to do .... hmmmm ....
  5. I just ordered it. I tried it on at the Ferragamo boutique this weekend and I loved it. I did find it a little wide (I am small) but it fit great on the shoulder. There is also a larger version of the bag that I love even more but it is too large for me. Pursemama has this one.

    I can post pics when I get it, but it won't be until next week.
  6. Kat -- have you posted pics of the chanel bag?
  7. DH has the digital camera, and he won't be home until tomorrow afternoon. I'll post pics then.;)
  8. To answer your questions:

    1) It's quite a large bag. The measurement:
    Lenght : 19 inches
    Hight : 11 inches
    Base : 5 inches

    2) The inside is canvas material, with 1 large side pocket in one side and one cellphone pocket and medium size side pocket on the other side.

    3. Yes it is very comfortable to wear it on the shoulder. My ostrich Ferragamo Gancio is very very light weight and very very comfortable carry either on your shoulder or on your forearm.

    I think it work very well as your everyday bag too for that reason. The inside of bag is large enough to put your stuffs inside, easy to get thing in and out and very elegant too!

    I hope this help. I will try to find pics for you.:biggrin:
  9. My pics:

    Ferragamo Ostrich01.JPG

    Ferragamo Ostrich02.JPG

    Ferragamo Ostrich05.JPG

    Ferragamo Ostrich03.JPG
  10. There are three sizes of Gancio Marisa bags: a small, medium and a large. I think the medium is the most common size. I have the tobacco brown medium.

    The large is big, but the medium is very do-able as a everyday bag. It holds a good deal of stuff, but it's not huge. The handles fit over the shoulder perfectly, with ease.

    The inside lining of the bag is fabric. There is one long pocket that spans the back of inside of the bag. On the opposite side there is a cell phone pocket and an additional open pocket. The open pocket is about twice the width of the cell phone pocket.
  11. Kat,

    That's a hard choice two choose one between two gorgeous bag!
    I can feel for you. But I do love my SF Gancio. I haven't seen the Chanel shoulder bag you just bought though. Maybe you can post it so we can see it and compare.

    Good luck Kat!
  12. Now my other there a Ferragamo boutique at SCP???
  13. Hmmm I wonder what is my yellow ostrich's size? Funny that I never ask my SA about it. But on that particular bag I think it comes only one size for the ostrich and the croc leather.
  14. Sweetea - I am drooling again!!! I can't get over how gorgeous it is!!! Congrats again!!