Anyone have a Fendi Chef Bag?

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  1. I just got mine the today in black zucchino! Will post pics soon.

    Those of you who have it, what do you guys think about it? It seems like it is a great size that will fit a lot of stuff.

    Do you like wearing it?

  2. awwwww congrats dear :flowers:

    plzz post pic :yahoo: .. unfortunately i dont own one ... but would love 2 see urs =)
  3. I ALMOST got this myself...ended up with the B. Fendi but it was a hard choice! I still love that lil' chef. Congrats!!
  4. i found this on euromoda today while researching fendis, and now am torn between it and the b fendi in ivory canvas/black patent. i've never seen this style, has anyone else? i'm loving the quilted Fs and the lock & key. if anyone knows where i can find it or has seen it in store, i'd love to go take a gander ;)
  5. What a great bag! I'd never even seen that style!

  6. Yes me too I have a medium zucchino with deep red trim purchased about 2 years ago. I have a few girls here at work waiting for me to sell it. They only had two in Australia in that colour. I LOVE MINE. I use it day and night.
  7. I have the dark brown old style chef bag from about 4 years ago - the one with the zipper on top rather than the flap - and I still use it all the time. Its really practical and holds a lot of stuff. I think you'll like it. Congrats!:yes:
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