Anyone have a down comforter?

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  1. How do you like it? I'm looking for one that doesn't shed feathers. Also I want one that is quilted. How much did you pay for it (if you don't mind me asking)?
  2. I love my down comforters. I have 2. I have had them for a long time so I don't remember how much I paid for them. It can really vary depending how heavy they are. The ones with more down are going to cost a lot more then the ones with less down filling.
  3. I have had one for years , I have a duvet cover I keep on it at all times so mine doesn't have the feather problem , i am not sure how much mone was because it was purchased for me but normally they are a few hundred . But you can not find anything softer or warmer than down in the winter than down .One thing you want to look for is the shape that is sewed on the surface , some have squares sewn in them which keep the feathers from setteling to one side , I had one that had an open desing to it and it was a pain because the feathers would always be on the side on the blanked not on the top where I needed them
  4. Hubby and I are looking for a good down comforter for winter as well. We live in SoCal so we weren't sure whether to get the heavy warmth or year round warmth. I have no idea whether the year round warmth would be warm enough for winter :shrugs: There were so many choices at Bed Bath that I have no idea what to get! The most expensive one there had 1000 thread count was around $300 for a king ;)
  5. OMG I have one for winter and let me just say that it is DIVINE!! So soft and squishy and comfortable and WARM!!!! I LOVE IT!
  6. We have one, but it was a gift, so I don't have any idea how much it cost. We've had it for about ten years and it hasn't shed any feathers yet. The person who gave it to us lives in a very cold climate, so I am guessing that the best ones come from the frostier lands!
  7. We have two, and one of them is down alternative (DH bought it before we got married since he was against killing birds). The other one was mine, and I researched this before I bought it. Two major things are the thread count and fill power. I would go with a higher thread count for softness, as well as to avoid the feathers coming out. The fill power, however, is up to you depending on how warm you want the comforter to be.

    I got mine at Tuesday Morning, 800 thread count, 650 fill power, $150 (that's a fantastic price for that combination, love Tuesday Morning!). We live in Texas, the fill power is too much, but otherwise, it's great.
  8. I cannot live without my down comforter! I got it through QVC...Northern Nights and it was around $200. I love it! They clean their down really well so it doesn't hold allergens. You can order one through if you have ****** you can get 3% cash back!
  9. I got mine at bed bath and beyond a few years ago and probably paid $250ish? (Queen size). I use a duvet cover so I don't have a shedding issue. ITA with the post to check how it's assembled, meaning it should have a few areas sewn down to prevent the feathers from shifting and clumping all the time. Mine does but I still have to turn it every week or so when I change the sheets.

    This combined with my feather bed mattress top is sheer BLISS, year round I love down!!
  10. I use down comforter for many years. The lighter the more expensive. You want to look for high thread count and small needle threading so feather can't leak out. A good down comforter lasts for years. I still have one in good condition I bought 20 years ago. I always have duvet cover on it.
  11. i always wondered if the lighter the better...thanks for the info. i will be looking for one with higher thread count. mine deflated because i didn't put a cover on it:shame:
  12. We have a king size one, I got it about 2 years ago on sale...the sale price was $200.00. I think the regular price was $300.00 or something. Its a high thread count, so the feathers dont come out. I love it and wouldnt trade it for the world! lol. I think my SO loves it more because I LOVE a cold, cold house...and I sometimes freeze him half to death lol.
  13. I bought mine at Target for like 80 bucks. Honestly, I've seen maybe 2 feathers over the 3 years I've had it. I keep it in a duvet, so its softness doesn't concern me.
  14. Ive had mine for years, its incredible!! I keep a duvet on it so no shedding. I paid about $130
  15. If you have allergies, down is not the way to go even if it says hypo allergenic,,,,,,I have had them and they bothered all of us. They are great in the comfort and fluffy level but the cost of dry cleaning them is expensive, especially if you are one to always want it clean and I always used a duvet cover over it. I bought my sis one as a gift and she said it was too hot.
    I know that the store Tuesday Morning has had them in the past at great prices and and SmartBrargins are good too.