Anyone have a dog trained to go potty both indoors & outside?

  1. This is my first week with my new pup. Things have been going well with housetraining. He's only 10 weeks old so I don't expect alot yet. I'm debating on what to do...

    During the day when I'm home with him, he doesn't go on the pee pad. I've been taking him outside often & he always goes potty. At night & when I'm gone, he faithfully uses the wee pad I have in his room. Now I'm trying to decide what direction to take with this. Can/should I train him to go potty both ways or will that confuse him later on? He is going to be small, less than 10 lbs., so size isn't an issue. Frankly, I like the idea of a pee pad so I'm not at the mercy of "I have to get home to let the dog out".. Maybe it's the fact that I've been standing outside in 20 degree weather 8 x a day for the past 3 days!

    Anyway, just wanting your thoughts on what I should do?!
  2. consistency is key in any kind of training. stick to whats working right now. when he gets older, he'll most likely prefer to pee outside and will let you know when he has to. its good too though that you have a backup system in place in case he has to go and cannot go out. and it seems like he already understands this so I would reward him every time he pees on the pad as well.
  3. My puggies are both trained to use dog litter-during the really cold months and really hot months they never go outside. It isn't good for them,the extremes. I took a bit of their training pad and put it in the litter, and I only let them out of their cage to eat and play and I would put them in the box not long after eating. Anytime I cought them going in the litter I gave them cheese or baby carrots. After a few weeks they were good to go. They are content either way-going outside or inside.
  4. I have always had larger dogs (labs and chessies). I have always had them only go outside. They are also trained to go on command which is very useful and eliminates a lot of sniffing around. Another thing to consider is training your dog to go potty while on a lead. This could be very important if you are traveling and have to stop near traffic for your dog to relieve him/herself. A lot of dogs will not go when on a leash if they are not use to it. A great reference book for stuf like this is "family dog" by Wolters.

    Good luck and enjoy your pup.
  5. I'm doing the same thing with Prince. He is pretty good about using his paddie during the day when I'm gone but I do take him outside in the evenings when I'm home. He's still hit or miss though. He's 12 weeks, so he's still learning too.
  6. My chihuahuas are trained to use their wee wee pad that is in my room if their dog door is closed.

    It takes alot of patience (esp. with the toy breeds) but it is totally worth it!
  7. I have a 15 week old Chihuahua. I started off with pads because she did not have shots. Now she is using pads and going outside. She prefers outside, but I like to use the pads if she needs a potty break at night (which she does since she is so young.) I live in a condo and am a little afraid to be out at all hours of the night.

    I have also found that the pads work great if we are out and about in the car, or where she has no grass to go. I have unfolded one on the floor of the car and she will go. I have read that this comes in handy if you travel with the pet ( long car trips and in an emergency a pad can be unfolded on the floor of a bathroom stall in an airport). I have cut some large pads in half and they can be thrown away immediately. I also prefer the pads found in the adult diaper section as opposed to the pads by Arm and Hammer (they smell strong, are thin and unabsorbant and the dog does not seem to like them.)