Anyone have a denim mono mahina XL

  1. Hey people,

    Looking to get this purse anyone have any pics in action? Thank you I know I was MIA with work and a month long trip to London, But Im back in NYC :tup::heart:
  2. ^^That would be the denim XL. I would like to see modeling pics also. Happy Holidays.
  3. i dont have pics but I tried this on the other week and it was divine! I fell in love with it surprisingly. Never thought I would because it is a HUGE bag. it has a lot of shape and slouch but I loved how you can adjust and ruche the sides... =) I have yet to see one on the forum too!
  4. yeah i'm surprised no one has one on tpf. either that or i missed a thread or two.
  5. I guess I'll be the 1st to take pics I should get it this week or next :yahoo::heart::woohoo:
  6. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So LataVuitton, did you end up getting it?? I'm so dying to see pics.
    I've finally gotten my hands on a Noir XL, am in love completely.
    I played with the Blue Denim XL, but would really like a Black Denim XL. But ended up shying from asking to see the Black one.
    Am in a bind, having 2 XL too much!!
    Hope you are getting the black Denim, and let your pics pursuade me!!!