Anyone have a Denim Baggy GM?? Tell me what you think

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  1. My next LV purchase, I'm thinking the blue denim baggy gm. If anyone has it, how often do you use it? Does it go with a lot of outfits? Is it too big? Thoughts please...
  2. I bought the pink baggy GM as well as the optional long strap for a different look. It's great because I can throw lots of stuff in it and the pockets in front are good for mobile phone and keys. :love:

    You shouldnt have problems matching the blue denim with most outfits although I have to be more careful with my pink one!;)
  3. Thanks Sasa! It's funny that I'm even considering it since at first I thought the denim like looked ugly and fake. But now I love it! I'm glad you're happy with yours. Enjoy!
  4. I have had my blue baggy gm for a while and I purchased the long strap too. I have a very casual style and it is great bag for my needs:biggrin:
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