Anyone have a degree in social work?

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  1. I am looking into switching my major and I was looking into social work. Anyone know exactly what you can do with that degree and is there a lot of jobs out there for it? Also how is the salary?
  2. not i, but but know a lot of social workers. To make decent money you have have a MSW, or some kind of masters. Not really sure what else you can do besides working with social services.
  3. I think there are a couple MSWs on this forum...hope they reply to this.

    I'm not in social work, but yeah, if you want to make decent money, you need a MSW or be a LCSW...uh, not sure if they're the same or not; I'm not savvy with this field. There's also a MFT, which I think isn't as intense, but your job options are limited and salary might not be as high. I've seen a lot of job offers for individuals who have MSWs...they're all service-oriented but there is some variation to them...

    That being said, if you want to be in social work, you really have to do it because you love it not because of the money. I think the money can be decent, but when you factor in the work that's involved in this field, it's really not that much.
  4. Not me, but a friend of mine has her undergrad degree in this. She works for a non profit w/ troubled kids and battered women. Her job is stressful, long and odd hours and her salary is awful (she struggles financially b/c of it and there are constant budget cuts, so no raises, etc.). I don't think this is a field you go into unless you have a passion for it. She enjoys her work and helping others, but is really underpaid.
  5. thanks everyone. I am obviously not looking into this career for the money but I would like to make sure there are good jobs out there and an average income. I want to help kids who are in bad situations.
  6. Good luck! And definitely get the MSW at the very'll serve you better than stopping at a bachelors. I really wish I did this field instead of going into research (which was obviously NOT right for me, even though the research degree guaranteed better pay...ugh!!!). My friend is a social worker, but I will tell you, it really is hard work. He is hardly ever around because he is constantly working on different cases and placing kids in foster homes.

    I know that if you stick with the job, you can move higher up and get better pay with experience, but again, you must be really dedicated and love what you do.