Anyone have a Damier Clifton?

  1. How much can it hold and what do you use it for? Thanks!

    Here's a pic of one from eBay authentic LV re-seller fashionphile:

    (I hope it's okay that I put this pic in here with the credit.:blink: )
  2. Hmm, I like that. Sorta cool looking. :cool: I ck'd the elux site to see the price, wasn't there...Anyone know how much it is? :hrmm: TIA.
  3. i was honestly going to make a thread saying the same thing. I like it a lot also =(
  4. that's cool looking bag....
  5. As far as I know, it's discontinued. :cry:
  6. Really? Aww...:cry:
  7. This is one of the coolest looking Damier bags ever.
  8. From the looks of it, it seems like it would hold as much stuff as the Coussin but more than the St Tropez cause it's also flat.
  9. How much did the Clifton retail for? Does anyone remember?