Anyone have a City/Medium and a Purse?

  1. I would love to know the differences between the two and the pros and cons of each. I'm trying to really narrow down my choices. Thanks!:flowers:
  2. Pros of the purse: less fussy than the City because no shoulder strap, zipper easier to maneuver open/closed, and longer handles so that can easily be worn on shoulder even without strap (although may not work w/a coat).

    Pros of the City: has the shoulder strap, has the classic slouchy Balenciaga look (Purse looks more structured and 'matronly'). Easier to fit wider items in it ... Purse zipper opening is narrower than the bag itself, which can be irritating. City holds more because it is gusseted instead of flat like the Purse.

  3. In addition to what FF said, the purse has bigger pockets inside and out.

    I still like the City best though!
  4. I have both and love both styles. IMO the Purse is a true shoulder bag and is very girlie. That's why I bought one in pale rose. The City is more of a satchel IMO even though it has the shoulder strap. They both hold about the same amount of stuff. I find the Purse a little easier to get in and out of. Either way you can't go wrong. They are both fabulous!
  5. Thanks everyone!

    I want to be able to use it for work and going out (casual).
  6. I thought of something else, the Purse doesn't sit up unless it is pretty full. The bottom of the City bag is flat and wider than the Purse. My Purse kind of leans over when I put it down.
  7. What fits better on the shoulder?

    Which is more/ less bulky against the body when on the shoulder?
  8. ^^ definitely the purse :tender:
  9. What is the price difference between the two?

    Thanks for putting up with all my questions! :flowers:
  10. ^^ the purse is $1095 & i think the city is $1195 :tender:
  11. i really like the purse because you can carry it over your shoulder. it fits more than a first but not as roomy as the city. the city is harder to carry over your shoulder but with the strap you can also wear it messenger style if you're small. they are both great bags. can't go wrong with either IMO.
  12. I have both the City (many) and the Purse ... see pics below.

    My criteria is more along the lines of ... how much I can fit into the bag. While I love the style of the Purse, frankly, I can fit more into the City. Because the Purse doesn't have the width of the City, it restricts you somewhat if you have any bulky items that are wide.

    The price differences -
    • Purse = $1095
    • City = $1195
    2006-1 Black Purse - Bestwtmk.jpg 2005 Fall Rouge Theatre Citywtmk.jpg 2006 Black+White Damask Citywtmk.jpg Black Purse - BEST 1wtmk.jpg