Anyone have a Chanel 3 ?

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  1. Hello.

    I was at Chanel today and was struck by (what the SA told me is seasonal) the Chanel 3 flap bag. It's large with 3 compartments and comes in lambskin.

    I loved it, but was hoping for more opinions and thoughts on the Chanel 3.

    If you own the bag, what are your thoughts? I already own a Jumbo Flap in Caviar and am unsure whether I want a 2nd flap bag (albeit, the Chanel 3 is larger and would be in lambskin).

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated . . . thanks so much!!
  2. I have it in large in the blush(taupe) color...its amazing and i think its nicer than my flaps

    I personally prefer smooshy bags in general!
  3. Thank you beach bum, I appreciate your input. I love my Jumbo Flap, but at times I need to fit more stuff into it than can fit . . . hence the Chanel 3 :smile:

  4. I have 2 of the 3 in that limited collection. The NM here in San Antonio does have a orange toned red... not that nice of a color. But here are my 2.

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  5. I just bought the top handled tote in black today. I tried on the flap too - loved it, but I have 3 flaps as it is and need another like I need a hole in my head. I like that the series 3 seems like classic Chanel (bc of the quilting) but with a lot of edge (because of the slouchy leather). It's one of the few Chanel bags that I've liked with silver hardware. and wouldn't choose it in gold, even if it were an option.
  6. I just got mine too in the medium one. I have not used it though.
  7. hi gaga_ser
    i'm just wondering is that chanel 3 (with the top handle one) still available in singapore now? because i will go to singapore early next month n i wish i can find it over there. thanks :biggrin: