anyone have a carnet de bal?

  1. i was wondering what you can fit in the pockets? i know its small but its cute. And I cant seem to find anyone with pics of theirs on here.
  2. I bought one thinking I could use it for credit cards. You can, but it just doesn't fit right. The slots are too short. If you are going to use it really as an address book, then it's a great item. It was supposed to be my first multicolore but I decided to return it and got myself an something else instead.
  3. oh ok thanks for the info! i thought it was fairly cheap compared to a lot of the other multicolor items
  4. I dont own one, But i want one to use as a paper holder.
  5. I have it and use it as a credit card holder I think they fit fine it holds about 4 cards without stretching the pockets
  6. [​IMG]
    i couldn't find any other pic.....i have cherry blossom one and it is still brand new in the box...... i wanted to use it for my CC cards, but i just use my framboise zippy to hold just about everything in there ---- i like big wallets!!!! this little thing is cute, but i find it hard to use.... i would LOVE to have one in MC too.....but then again, what would i use it for?!!!! i already have sm 6ring agenda to hold addresses~~~~!!!

    i guess you can use plastic inserts and put family and baby pictures in it?!!! that'd be cute! :heart::smile:
  7. ^^I love your CB one, so cute!
  8. i wanted the multicolore white one too...but then was like has since been taken off my list!
  9. i use mine to fit my CC and ID cards :yes: