Anyone have a Canon SD800 camera? Battery charger question

  1. I just bought the Canon SD800 and am waiting for it to arrive. I am buying an extra battery and a SD 2GB Memory card separately.

    For those who have bought this camera, does it come with a battery charger?

  2. I have the 400, probably the same battery;) Should come with charger...I have never seen one that doesn't :smile:

    Great idea to get the second battery. It realy helps.
  3. Yes, it comes with the charger. We did the same as you - bought an extra battery and a 2GB SD card. DH loves that camera.
  4. I'm going on vacation in a couple weeks (Whistler here I come! :yahoo: ) and plan on taking tons of pictures so I think it would help to bring an extra battery.
  5. If it's equivalent to the Canon IXUS line sold in Europe/APAC, yes, it does come with a charger (and in some cases, different power cables)