Anyone have a BV reconditioned?


Oct 10, 2006
new york
I recently had a broken weave fixed and had the bag reconditioned. I got a call saying that it was ready and that i would notice that the bag was a bit more stiff but it would wear back into the soft leather it was.

Well i recently opened the bag it was packaged in and the bag is a bit more than a bit stiff. It's almost crunchy. When i pass my hand over the bag it feels like a bunch of hangnails rather than butter.

What should i do? Anyone go through a reconditioning? I'm not currently using the bag because it's black and i rather use bright spring bags. How long will it take to sofen again?

ms piggy

special breed
Oct 7, 2006
That seems a bit odd (sorry do not mean to scare you). I just brought home my Veneta which I sent in last week for cleaning and conditioning. It felt the same as when I first bought the bag i.e. not as buttery as upon commencing usage but certainly soft like any bag you’d touch in the boutique. It’s strange to hear your description of “crunchy”??! On a BV no less. Denial, I would most definitely bring it back to the boutique if I feel weird about it. My experience with BV is that it softens as soon as you start using the bag.

Maybe others who has sent in bags for conditioning could help too.