Anyone have a Brussels Griffon?

  1. Anyone here own this cute little dog and if you do, what can you tell me about them? Thanks for any input in advance!
  2. They are a gorgeous dog, but i so recommend that you talk to a breeder before you decide to get one.
    I dog sat a smooth coat Griffon for one week.
    I can tell you they need another dog or person at home for companionship.
    They can't stand being alone for even 1 min. I found i had to put her bedding next to my bed when we slept.
    If nobody was at home i found myself having a shadow every where i went even the bathroom.
    Just more requirements with this breed.
    Regardless, they are beautiful lil pups.
  3. Is the same breed as the dog that is on Spin City?
    Soz..I haven't got one, just curious.
  4. oppss
  5. Yes, that's the smooth coat Brussels Griffon.

    The long hair Brussels Griffon was in the movie "As good as it gets.
    Looks a bit like chewbacca off Starwars.