Anyone have a Bluefly code?

  1. please pass it along if you do! thanks!
  2. $15 off

  3. Visa15
  4. ^what is Visa15 for? 15% off??? or is that wishful thinking!?
  5. do you know what the min purchase requirement is for these codes? i don't think i'll be spending more than $60
  6. I used MISSEDYOU106 yesterday for 15% off, and MISSEDYOU105 a few weeks back, also for 15% off. I believe those two have $100 limit.

    Here is a 10% off one: 92R4WRT. It's one-time use. I got it on December 31st, and it's valid for 2 weeks. I don't think there is a dollar limit that you have to spend.
  7. I used MISSEDYOU106 the other day on my entire order--I don't think there is a limit. My order was more than $100.
  8. I meant the $100 limit as in you must purchase at least $100.
  9. Thanks, ladies!
  10. AYUC93AJ for $15 off of $100 purchase -- one time use
  11. Here are some more codes that I won't use:

    E4WYNB - 10% off
    4WPJ3H8 - 10% off
    8JA9RJ3 - $15 off a purchase of $100 or more......

    Keep the good karma going!
  12. this site is awesome! thanks!
  13. beware of possible fakes!!!
  14. I have quite a few 10% off and $15 off purchases over $100 codes. PM me if anyone wants them since they are single use.

    I'm lusting for another 15% off code. I've already used the Missedyou105 and missedyou106. :crybaby: