Anyone have a blue Gryson?

  1. I was looking at a new Gryson on line, but I can't quite make out the blue.

    Is it a steel blue, I can't tell. Please describe.

    I have been dying for a new blue bag, but can't find one I like. This one fits the bill pretty much - but really need a push and I think it would be if I were happy with the color.

  2. I do, I do. Sorry for posting pics of my Josey every chance that I get, I just love it to death.

    It's definitely a steel/midnight blue. But looks lighter depending on the light.

  3. Ooh gorgeous bag! I was thinking on getting a Sophie in Blue.

    I :heart: your bag. Yum!
  4. I wouldn't describe the Sophie as a Steel blue at all. I had one and it is a deep true blue. When I think of Steel Blue I think of a shade that might be confused as grey or appear grey in certain lights. I have a Blue Gryson named Jean that is what I'd call a Light Blue that looks greyish in light and the same bag in the plain leather variety looks more grey than mine. Here is my Sophie next to my Woven Skye.

    c2da_12.jpg Gryson1.JPG
  5. OMG! Your Woven Skye is TDF!
  6. I ended up loving that woven Blue so much that I Bought a Tate in Woven Blue and sold my Skye since I have a Regular Chocolate Skye. I love Blue bags. I think the Woven Indigo's are gorgeous.
  7. They are really nice.
  8. i wish i could see the woven bags IRL, i bet they are fantastic up close:girlsigh: