Anyone have a black Abbey?

  1. Must. See. Pics. Preferably of the inside. And outside. I just love this in both colors, but I got the brown...and now I wonder if I should have gotten the other. But I like the blue interior, and the SA told me that black had a grey interior. So has anyone seen the black? My store only had the brown. :crybaby:
  2. Hi, I have the satchel in black and the Abbey in tobacco. I am not a big fan of black bags, but both of these styles in black look & feel better than the tobacco. I went in for to look at something else and the black satchel & black Abbey both won my heart. The black is a limited color and is only available online or in Flagship locations.

    For some reason, the tobacco seems stiffer in the Abbey. But the black Abbey feels softer, to me!

    If I carried more black bags I would have gotten both in the black and nothing in the tobacco. But I do love the blue lining for the tobacco. And Yes, the black styles have a charcoal lining, it's pretty!

    Now don't make me want to change my mind!!!
  3. Can you post some pics of your satchel and the lining? :drool:
  4. I've been eyeing the black Abbey since the catalog came out. I would also love to see some pics if anyone has it!
  5. Someone pleeeze post a modeling pic of Abbey. She a big bag but not thick it would be great to get a perspective on her . . . Has anyone used her yet!?! Please tell us about her! Thank you!
  6. How do I post pics? I want to post them as thumbnails...Thanks for your help!
  7. I probably post pics the most laborious way. I have Hewlette Packard Image Zone. Transfered from card to computer. Then I email resized "smaller" pics to myself, then save them back to my photo files. If your photos are too large they will not load. . . .

    Then I load them up in TPF's "Manage Attachments" click on Go Advanced to post photos then click on the paper clip Browse for your photos, click on each photo one at a time, to insert, then click on UPLOAD.
  8. Click the "go advanced" button at the bottom right of the response block, then scroll down to "attach files," attach the pics, click "upload," wait for the files to complete upload, close that window, and post. :okay:
  9. [​IMG]



    Thanks for your help...
  10. The satchel looks roomy inside! Thanks for the pics.
  11. Thanks so much for your help! I was running into the problem of my photos being too large to load on tPF.

    Then my Son came home to my rescue. He told me to sign-up on, for FREE to load my pics. There I could resize them to thumbnails (with the click of a button) then copy the IMG CODE into tPF reply box. It was very quick & very easy. Give it a try!

    I sincerely appreciate your info!!!:yahoo:
  12. I totally agree with coachgrl - the leather of the black Abbey is SO much softer and pliable than the tobacco. I had originally ordered the tobacco during PCE and the stiffness was the main reason I returned it. I saw the black version this afternoon at Coach at The Westchester and loved it. Definitely more classy in the black. Sadly, they didn't have any Mirandas in stock yet (wanted to check out the bordeaux in person).