Anyone have a BI Day? Would love to see photos.

  1. :yes:
  2. What is a BI day? Birthday?? YES my birthday is OCTOBER 4th!!! coming UP :smile: oh you didn't mean birthday?:lol:
  3. oh wow happy birthday ,mine is on 12th:flowers: :flowers:
  4. :yes:
  5. I'm still waiting for mine:sad:...
    I really hope Bal Paris will receive my bag
    this weeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk :hysteric: !!!!!!!!
  6. haha - mine is the 7th - so many oct. b-days - happy b-day everyone! :yahoo:

    but to answer the question - i have my name down for a BI day, and was hoping it would be here by my b-day :crybaby:
    hopefully soon though! anyone know how often/when bal ny gets shipments?