Anyone have a Best Buy Reward Zone Membership?

  1. Help!

    The Police presale concert tickets are today, and my friend really wants to go see them so I want to surprise him with tickets. Does anyone with a Best Buy Reward Zone Card want to help a fellow tPFer out?! Much thanks in advance!
  2. I should be a bit clearer. It'll only take a minute. All you have you to is log in to your account and get the presale code for. Thanks!
  3. i'll help you out. i bought tickets to the LA show this way. :smile: which city are you trying to buy for? Houston?
  4. yes Houston! THank you!
  5. Could use 2 more tickets if anyone else wants to help out :search::yes: :nuts:
  6. Do you still need another code for Houston?
  7. not anymore. thank you though!!