Anyone have a bamboo rug?

  1. I just ordered a bamboo rug today. I am redecorating my living room. I painted the walls a stunning pottery barn prescott green color (love it) and bought a dark brown leather sofa and 2 square rattan chairs with tan cushions and am using 2 pottery barn cube tables painted green in the room. I have a shabby chic cream colored table which I am using as a writing desk. I have white plantation shutters in the windows but might switch to wood blinds???? The carpet is that ugly builder tan (hate it). So I ordered a 6 X 8 bamboo rug to put in the center of the room. I feel it will pull things together more.
    I would like to ask if anyone has this type of rug yet and what your opinions are of it? :yes:
  2. We had a bamboo rug in our old home, and it was great!! It was nice on bare feet (very important to me) and held up great!
  3. I've never had a bamboo rug but you are decorating the room in my favourite colours and I bet it will look fab!!! I would go for the wood blinds if I was you. I have them and they are excellent.
  4. I had one when I was a student, it does help bring the room together!
  5. We use bamboo rugs a lot in the tropics, sometimes even to sit down on with lots of cushions. They can be cleaned off easily too, which is a plus. A wipe down with soapy water is what I do to clean them.