anyone have a "balenciaga the day"

  1. i'm thinking of getting one & was curious about how much $$$ they cost & also how you like them compared to other balenciagas (?)...i just got a new twiggy bag that i'm in love with :heart: ...but sometimes i wish that it could hold more stuff :wondering
  2. hi aaallabama -- i have a day bag. i love it to death. i can fit a lot of stuff in it, but i don't like to stuff it because then it doesn't look as nice. but still i can fit all my usual stuff -- phone, keys, wallet, ipod, makeup, etc. -- plus a pair of flip-flops or ballet flats and it's still mostly empty. the retail on the day bag is $995. hope this helps!
  3. thanks so much abbyroad...i think i'll go to the balenciaga store in nyc & check it definitely looks like it holds more than my twiggy...and i can't seem to stop @ just 1 b-bag ;)