anyone have a balenciaga "purse"?

  1. i just got this style today in emerald green & it's soooooooooooo yummy!!!'s lighter than the city & sits perfectly on your's not too big or too small & is just right for days or nights out on the town :love:

    p.s. i also splurged on a rouge '05 day hobo, which i'd had my :heart: set on
  2. yup i have one, i love it so much. it's my fave balenciaga style so far.
    my next one has to be a hobo.
  3. I have a pale rose Purse that I LOVE! Congrats to you! Enjoy!
  4. I would LOVE a purse, but I have yet to see one in real life. They seem to be difficult to come by. :sad:
  5. ooohh those two bags sounds lovely!!!! Can't wait to see pics!! Congrats!
  6. thank you ladies, it's still sinking in :blink: ...i was oh, so naughty!!!
  7. Congrats; sounds like two great picks!!
  8. congrats!

    where did you find the rouge hobo????
  9. Congrats! I have a bronze and I love it!:heart: :yes:
  10. awe, you gals are all soooooooooooooo sweet :smile: ...i got my rouge day hobo & my emerald purse @ balenciaga in nyc :heart:

    p.s. they've got 1 rouge hobo left if you wanna give 'em a call chigirl!!!

    Balenciaga America Inc
    (212) 206-0872
    542 W 22nd St
    New York, NY 10011
  11. thanks!!! i may give them a call.
  12. you're welcome, i know it's almost impossible to find now since it's an old color already...i was amazed at how beautiful the color was...not too bright & not too dark...i thought the bordeaux was my favorite red until i saw this one :love:
  13. 0o0o0o FUN!!! congrats on the new b-bag!!!
  14. I've definitely become a fan of the Purse and lately the Hobo as well. Both are definitely on my wishlist. Congrats!!! You lucky girl!
  15. thanks gals, i feel a little guilty about it, but when i got my bonus a couple months ago, i spent it on tests for my beloved bichon :heart:, it's like a belated bonus gift to myself :smile: